Our Mission

At Sulio Art, we believe that authentic art has the power to inspire and transform individuals and communities.

Our mission is to empower human creativity by providing artists with innovative tools and platforms to showcase their work, and to make authentic art accessible through a transparent and trustworthy marketplace.

We use RFID technology, traditional textile production, and blockchain to create digital certificates of authenticity and track ownership of physical artwork, revolutionizing the art industry.

Join us in the authenticity revolution and promote a sustainable art ecosystem that benefits artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts.

For Artists

Sulio Art understands the challenges that artists face in the art industry, especially when it comes to protecting their rights and receiving fair compensation.

Our cutting-edge system allows artists to easily create digital certificates of authenticity and track their artwork’s ownership history, ensuring proper compensation for their work, including automatic resale royalties for artists with resale rights.
Sulio Art is committed to supporting artists in their creative endeavors and helping them to build sustainable careers in the art world.

For Art Enthusiasts

Welcome to Sulio Art, where we're revolutionizing the art industry by making it more transparent and accessible.

As an art enthusiast, you can own a piece of art with complete peace of mind knowing its authenticity and provenance.
Our patented Artiloom™ technology allows you to track the ownership history of your artwork and ensure that it retains its value over time. Join us in empowering artists and collectors alike.

For Galleries & Estates

Sulio Art is the perfect partner for galleries and estates looking to provide the best possible service to their clients.

Our Artiloom™ technology guarantees the authenticity and provenance of your artworks, while our blockchain-based system provides a transparent and secure platform for transactions.
Whether you’re looking to sell, loan, or manage your art collection, Sulio Art is the ideal partner for all your needs.

For a new community of art collectors

Join Sulio Art's growing community of art collectors and be part of the authenticity revolution.

Our innovative Artiloom™ technology provides complete transparency and confidence when owning a piece of art.
With our blockchain-based system, you can ensure the authenticity and provenance of your artwork and track its ownership history over time.

For Art Preservation and Restoration

Sulio Art's patented RFID textile thread can be implanted and sewn into existing artworks using professional restoration techniques, helping to preserve and restore artworks by making them easier to track and identify.

Our technology ensures the proper documentation and authentication, resulting in more efficient and effective preservation and restoration.

For Art Logistics

Sulio Art is committed to providing the best possible service for all your art logistics needs.

Our Artiloom™ technology ensures that your artwork is handled with the utmost care and attention, while our blockchain-based system provides a transparent and secure platform.
Whether you need to transport, store, or install your artwork, Sulio Art is the ideal partner for you.

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