asked questions

Artwork Authentication and Security:

We use the latest encryption technology to protect your data, including the RFID chip data and personal information. We also have strict privacy policies and will not share any of your personal data or information. Additionally, our system has security checks to prevent unauthorised access.

Our RFID chips are unique, with each canvas containing several chips with a unique number and only used in one artwork. This means your artwork will be unique, not a copy or imitation.

Our Virtual-Physical Integration technology creates tamper-proof records of your artwork’s ownership and transaction history, ensuring they are secure and transparent. You can track the movement and ownership of your artwork at any time by scanning the smart label on the canvas with a mobile app and logging its location via GPS.

Our platform uses advanced RFID technology and blockchain to ensure the security and integrity of your artwork’s Digital ID. The Digital ID is tamper-proof and linked directly to the physical artwork, making it virtually impossible to counterfeit or manipulate.

Yes, the digital certificate of authenticity can be transferred to the new owner by linking the new owner’s personal information with the encrypted chip code on the physical canvas and recording the transaction on the blockchain. This is a crucial advantage of blockchain technology, which allows for a complete and traceable record of the artwork’s history and ownership across time and space.

Artwork Purchase and Return:

You can buy canvas through our official website or app. We offer a variety of sizes and materials, including standard and custom sizes. Our prices are reasonable and fair, depending on your chosen size and material.

We offer a return and exchange policy. Please contact us within 7 days after receiving your canvas. Please note that all returned or exchanged products must be in original condition, unused, undamaged, and with original packaging and labels.

Yes, we support international transactions, and you can purchase directly from our website. After placing your order, we will send the canvas to your mailing address. Please note that international shipping may take longer, so you may need to wait longer to receive your order.

Yes, Artiloom canvas is compatible with all types of paints and media because we use the highest quality natural linen for our canvas. You can use it like any other canvas and experiment with different paints and media to create your art.

We carefully select high-quality chips that are seamlessly integrated into the canvas using special weaving techniques with the finest natural linen material. There is no visible difference in appearance, and it does not negatively impact the quality or texture of the canvas. In fact, this technology adds value and uniqueness to the canvas while providing better protection and authentication for the artwork.

To maintain the integrity of the RFID chip and digital certificate on the canvas, please do not cut or puncture the canvas in any way and avoid folding it. Binding or trimming the canvas outside the designated safety zone is safe, but normal usage within the zone is recommended. If you have any special creative requirements, we can design a solution based on your needs – please contact our technical team for details.

Digital Certificate of Authenticity and After-Sales Service:

The Sulio Art platform is designed to provide easy-to-use interfaces and processes for artists and collectors. Our platform offers simple operation guides and technical support to help users better understand and utilise our services. We are also happy to assist users in need personally; don’t hesitate to contact our technical team.

You can easily create a digital certificate of authenticity and track after-sales service on our mobile app. After your artwork is completed, you can use the app’s features to create a digital certificate of authenticity and track your artwork’s location and ownership history.

The activation process is quick and easy. Simply link your artwork’s Digital ID via a smart label, such as a QR code or visual recognition, using our intuitive association app. The activation process typically takes just a few minutes.

Pricing and Plans:

Our platform is designed to be affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes. We offer flexible pricing plans that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. Contact us for more information on pricing and plans.

Our ACRM system provides valuable data and analytics about your customers and products, including sales performance, customer behaviour, and market trends. This information can be used to optimise your business functions and enhance your decision-making processes.

Yes, absolutely. Our platform is designed to enhance and complement traditional art market channels, not replace them. By digitising your artwork and linking it to its virtual counterpart, you can benefit from increased market efficiency and transparency while still using traditional channels to sell your physical artwork.

Our ACRM system provides valuable data and analytics on customer behaviour, product performance, and market trends. You can use this data to optimise your business functions, refine your marketing strategies, and make data-driven decisions. Examples of insights you might receive include customer demographics, purchase history, and popular artwork styles or themes.


Our Phygital integration allows you to create unique and valuable customer experiences by leveraging the power of virtual-physical integration. This could include creating immersive virtual exhibitions, offering limited-edition NFTs, or providing access to exclusive content or events. Connecting your physical artwork to the digital world can enhance its marketability and value while engaging with a wider audience.

Virtual-Physical Integration is a revolutionary innovation combining the latest NFT and blockchain advancements with RFID technology. It allows for digitising physical art pieces and links them to their virtual counterparts, thereby creating tamper-proof records of their ownership and transaction history.

To activate your artwork and connect it to our ecosystem platform, you must link its Digital ID via a smart label, such as a QR code or visual recognition. Our intuitive association app ensures privacy and makes it easy to activate your artwork.

Our Sulio Ecosystem platform enriches Artwork Digital IDs with certification and measurement metrics. Users can track the movement and ownership of a physical artwork by scanning the smart label on the canvas with a mobile app and logging their location via GPS.