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Hey there! We’d love for you to take a quick 5-minute test we’ve carefully designed. It’s just 7 questions to better understand your business style. Please answer them based on your usual work experiences. Once you finish, we’ll offer insights into your career status and tailor a strategy for the art market just for you.

The test includes both single and multiple-choice questions; choose based on what you encounter most often at work. Keep in mind, you can only take the test once to ensure its accuracy.

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Your artwork is your message to the world. Where do your masterpieces captivate the most eyes and wallets?


Art and commerce often require different skill sets. How do you manage to bridge this gap in your journey as an artist? (Finance, Legal, Insurance)


Every artist's journey comes with its own set of challenges. What have been the most significant hurdles you've encountered?


Promotion is crucial to making your art visible to the world. How do you navigate this landscape, connecting with audiences and potential buyers?
(Select up to two options)


Art, like any intellectual property, requires safeguarding. What protective measures do you use to ensure the security of your artistic creations when releasing your artwork?
(Select multiple options if applicable)

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